vst-plugins (x86_64)

パッケージ数: 18。

x86_64extrazynaddsubfx3.0.6-5Opensource software synthesizer capable of making a countless number of instruments.2023-11-27
x86_64extrazam-plugins-vst4.2-1Collection of audio plugins for high-quality processing - VST plugins2023-11-08
x86_64extraspectmorph-vst0.6.1-1Analyze samples of musical instruments and combine them (morphing) - VST plugin2023-11-08
x86_64extralsp-plugins-vst1.2.13-1Collection of open-source plugins - VST22023-10-30
x86_64extracardinal-vst23.10-1Virtual modular synthesizer - VST2 plugin2023-10-26
x86_64extraadlplug-vst1.0.2-10FM synthesizer for ADLMIDI with OPL3 chip emulation - VST plugin2023-07-23
x86_64extraopnplug-vst1.0.2-10FM synthesizer for OPNMIDI with OPN2 chip emulation - VST plugin2023-07-23
x86_64extrawolf-shaper-vst1.0.2-1A waveshaper plugin with a graph editor - VST2 plugin2023-05-15
x86_64extradragonfly-reverb-vst3.2.10-2A concert hall reverb and a room reverb - VST plugin2023-04-28
x86_64extraaida-x-vst1.0.0-1An Amp Model Player leveraging AI - VST plugin2023-04-26
x86_64extradpf-plugins-vst1.7-1Collection of DPF-based plugins - VST2 plugins2023-04-17
x86_64extramaster_me-vst1.2.0-1Automatic mastering plugin for live streaming, podcasts and internet radio - VST plugin2023-04-17
x86_64extraninjas2-vst0.2.0-3A sample slicer audio plugin - VST plugin2023-04-01
x86_64extrahelm-synth-vst0.9.0-10A cross-platform, polyphonic synthesizer, available standalone and as an LV2 plugin - VST plugin2023-03-24
x86_64extraambix-vst0.2.10-4Ambisonic plug-ins with variable order for use in Digital Audio Workstations - VST plugins2023-03-20
x86_64extradistrho-ports-vst2021.03.15-3Linux audio plugins and LV2 ports - VST plugins2023-03-19
x86_64extraamsynth1.13.2-1Analogue Modeling SYNTHesizer2023-02-07
x86_64extrawolf-spectrum1.0.0-2A spectrogram plugin2020-07-07