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ArchRepositoryNameVersionDescriptionLast Updated
anytestingamd-ucode20230310.588dd07-1Microcode update image for AMD CPUs2023-03-29
x86_64testingcalligra3.2.1-41A set of applications for productivity and creative usage2023-03-19
x86_64testingcracklib2.9.10-1Password Checking Library2023-03-30
x86_64testingfuse-common3.14.1-1Common files for fuse2/3 packages2023-03-29
x86_64testingfuse33.14.1-1Interface for userspace programs to export a filesystem to the Linux kernel2023-03-29
x86_64testinggnome-builder43.6-2An IDE for writing GNOME-based software2023-03-19
x86_64testinglibatomic_ops7.8.0-1Provides semi-portable access to hardware provided atomic memory operations2023-03-29
x86_64testinglibcap2.68-1POSIX 1003.1e capabilities2023-03-28
x86_64testinglibgit21:1.6.3-1A linkable library for Git2023-03-21
x86_64testinglibgit2-glib1.1.0-2GLib wrapper for libgit22023-03-18
x86_64testinglibgit2-glib-docs1.1.0-2GLib wrapper for libgit2 - documentation2023-03-18
anytestinglinux-firmware20230310.588dd07-1Firmware files for Linux2023-03-29
anytestinglinux-firmware-bnx2x20230310.588dd07-1Firmware files for Linux - bnx2x / Firmware for Broadcom NetXtreme II 10Gb ethernet adapters2023-03-29
anytestinglinux-firmware-liquidio20230310.588dd07-1Firmware files for Linux - liquidio / Firmware for Cavium LiquidIO server adapters2023-03-29
anytestinglinux-firmware-marvell20230310.588dd07-1Firmware files for Linux - marvell / Firmware for Marvell devices2023-03-29
anytestinglinux-firmware-mellanox20230310.588dd07-1Firmware files for Linux - mellanox / Firmware for Mellanox Spectrum switches2023-03-29
anytestinglinux-firmware-nfp20230310.588dd07-1Firmware files for Linux - nfp / Firmware for Netronome Flow Processors2023-03-29
anytestinglinux-firmware-qcom20230310.588dd07-1Firmware files for Linux - qcom / Firmware for Qualcomm SoCs2023-03-29
anytestinglinux-firmware-qlogic20230310.588dd07-1Firmware files for Linux - qlogic / Firmware for QLogic devices2023-03-29
anytestinglinux-firmware-whence20230310.588dd07-1Firmware files for Linux - contains the WHENCE license file which documents the vendor license details2023-03-29
x86_64testingpython-cryptography40.0.1-1A package designed to expose cryptographic recipes and primitives to Python developers2023-03-28
x86_64testingtexinfo7.0.3-1GNU documentation system for on-line information and printed output2023-03-27
x86_64testingxfsprogs6.2.0-1XFS filesystem utilities2023-03-30

23 matching packages found. Page 1 of 1.

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