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ArchRepositoryNameVersionDescriptionLast Updated
x86_64extra0ada26-14Cross-platform, 3D and historically-based real-time strategy game2024-05-23
anyextra0ad-dataa26-1Cross-platform, 3D and historically-based real-time strategy game (data files)2022-09-25
x86_64extra389-ds-base3.1.0-1389 Directory Server (base)2024-06-01
x86_64extra4ti21.6.10-1A software package for algebraic, geometric and combinatorial problems on linear spaces2023-04-27
x86_64extra6tunnel0.13-2Tunnels IPv6 connections for IPv4-only applications2022-11-15
x86_64extra9base6-8Port of various original Plan9 tools to unix2022-11-15
x86_64extraa2jmidid9-4A daemon for exposing legacy ALSA sequencer applications in JACK MIDI system.2023-03-20
x86_64extraa2ps4.15.6-1An Any to PostScript filter2024-03-14
x86_64extraa52dec0.8.0-2Library for decoding ATSC A/52 (AC-3) audio streams2023-06-02
x86_64extraaalib1.4rc5-18ASCII art graphic library2024-04-17
x86_64extraaarch64-linux-gnu-binutils2.42-1A set of programs to assemble and manipulate binary and object files for the ARM64 target2024-02-28
x86_64extraaarch64-linux-gnu-gcc14.1.0-1The GNU Compiler Collection - cross compiler for ARM64 target2024-05-12
x86_64extraaarch64-linux-gnu-gdb14.2-2The GNU Debugger for the ARM64 target2024-04-05
anyextraaarch64-linux-gnu-glibc2.39-1GNU C Library ARM64 target2024-03-09
anyextraaarch64-linux-gnu-linux-api-headers6.7-1Kernel headers sanitized for use in userspace (aarch64-linux-gnu)2024-03-09
x86_64extraaardvark-dns1.11.0-1Authoritative dns server for A/AAAA container records2024-06-03
x86_64extraabc0.0.0.20221019-1System for Sequential Logic Synthesis and Formal Verification2022-10-26
x86_64extraabduco0.6-7Tool for session {at,de}tach support which allows a process to run independently from its controlling terminal2024-03-18
x86_64extraabiword3.0.5-4Fully-featured word processor2024-04-08
anyextraabletonlink3.1.1-1Synchronizes musical beat, tempo, and phase across multiple applications2024-02-19
x86_64extraabseil-cpp20240116.2-2Collection of C++ library code designed to augment the C++ standard library2024-05-23
anyextraaccerciser3.42.0+r100+g6e6256e-2Interactive Python accessibility explorer for the GNOME desktop2024-04-06
x86_64extraaccessibility-inspector24.05.1-1Inspect your application accessibility tree2024-06-12
x86_64extraaccounts-qml-module0.7-6Expose the Online Accounts API to QML applications2024-02-22
x86_64extraaccountsservice23.13.9-2D-Bus interface for user account query and manipulation2024-04-20
anyextraack3.7.0-2A Perl-based grep replacement, aimed at programmers with large trees of heterogeneous source code2023-07-25
x86_64coreacl2.3.2-1Access control list utilities, libraries and headers2024-01-24
x86_64extraacme2023.03.05-1Assembler for the 6502, 6510, 65c02 and 65816 processors2023-03-13
x86_64extraacme-redirect0.6.2-1Minimal http daemon that answers acme challenges and redirects everything else to https2023-01-04
anyextraacme-tiny5.0.1-1A tiny script to issue and renew TLS certs from Let's Encrypt2021-09-13
anyextraacme-user1.0.1-1acme-tiny systemd files for running as dedicated user instead of root.2022-04-10
anyextraacme.sh3.0.7-1An ACME Shell script, an acme client alternative to certbot2023-10-11
anyextraacorn1:8.11.0-1A tiny, fast JavaScript parser, written completely in JavaScript.2024-01-17
x86_64extraacpi1.7-3Client for battery, power, and thermal readings2020-05-07
x86_64extraacpi_call1.2.2-210A linux kernel module that enables calls to ACPI methods through /proc/acpi/call2024-06-17
anyextraacpi_call-dkms1.2.2-2A linux kernel module that enables calls to ACPI methods through /proc/acpi/call - module sources2024-03-18
x86_64extraacpi_call-lts1.2.2-193A linux kernel module that enables calls to ACPI methods through /proc/acpi/call2024-06-17
x86_64extraacpica20240321-1ACPI tools, including Intel ACPI Source Language compiler2024-03-31
x86_64extraacpid2.0.34-1A daemon for delivering ACPI power management events with netlink support2022-09-18
anyextraacpilight1.2-2a backward-compatible xbacklight replacement based on ACPI2020-07-07
x86_64extraacsccid1.1.11-1PC/SC driver that supports ACS CCID smart card readers.2024-03-31
x86_64extraact0.2.63-1Run your GitHub Actions locally2024-06-02
x86_64extraactionlint1.7.1-1Static checker for GitHub Actions workflow files2024-05-28
x86_64extraactivity-log-manager0.9.7-9A graphical user interface which lets you easily control what gets logged by Zeitgeist2022-04-25
anyextraadapta-gtk-theme3.95.0.11-2An adaptive Gtk+ theme based on Material Design Guidelines2021-07-19
x86_64extraadd-determinism0.2.0-1Build postprocessor to reset metadata fields for build reproducibility2024-05-08
x86_64extraadios22.10.1-1The Adaptable Input/Output System version 22024-06-01
x86_64extraadljack1.3.1-2A standalone synthesizer for ADLMIDI and OPNMIDI on the text console2024-02-21
x86_64extraadlplug1.0.2-10FM synthesizer for ADLMIDI with OPL3 chip emulation2023-07-23
x86_64extraadlplug-lv21.0.2-10FM synthesizer for ADLMIDI with OPL3 chip emulation - LV2 plugin2023-07-23
x86_64extraadlplug-standalone1.0.2-10FM synthesizer for ADLMIDI with OPL3 chip emulation - JACK standalone2023-07-23
x86_64extraadlplug-vst1.0.2-10FM synthesizer for ADLMIDI with OPL3 chip emulation - VST plugin2023-07-23
x86_64extraadns1.6.0-2An asyncronous replacement resolver library2024-01-30
anyextraadobe-source-code-pro-fonts2.042u+1.062i+1.026vf-1Monospaced font family for user interface and coding environments2023-04-12
anyextraadobe-source-han-sans-cn-fonts2.004-2Adobe Source Han Sans Subset OTF - Simplified Chinese OpenType/CFF fonts2024-02-13
anyextraadobe-source-han-sans-hk-fonts2.004-2Adobe Source Han Sans Subset OTF - Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) OpenType/CFF fonts2024-02-13
anyextraadobe-source-han-sans-jp-fonts2.004-2Adobe Source Han Sans Subset OTF - Japanese OpenType/CFF fonts2024-02-13
anyextraadobe-source-han-sans-kr-fonts2.004-2Adobe Source Han Sans Subset OTF - Korean OpenType/CFF fonts2024-02-13
anyextraadobe-source-han-sans-otc-fonts2.004-2Adobe Source Han Sans - Pan-CJK OpenType/CFF Collection fonts2024-02-13
anyextraadobe-source-han-sans-tw-fonts2.004-2Adobe Source Han Sans Subset OTF - Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) OpenType/CFF fonts2024-02-13
anyextraadobe-source-han-serif-cn-fonts2.002-2Adobe Source Han Serif Subset OTF - Simplified Chinese OpenType/CFF fonts2024-02-13
anyextraadobe-source-han-serif-hk-fonts2.002-2Adobe Source Han Serif Subset OTF - Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) OpenType/CFF fonts2024-02-13
anyextraadobe-source-han-serif-jp-fonts2.002-2Adobe Source Han Serif Subset OTF - Japanese OpenType/CFF fonts2024-02-13
anyextraadobe-source-han-serif-kr-fonts2.002-2Adobe Source Han Serif Subset OTF - Korean OpenType/CFF fonts2024-02-13
anyextraadobe-source-han-serif-otc-fonts2.002-2Adobe Source Han Serif - Pan-CJK OpenType/CFF Collection fonts2024-02-13
anyextraadobe-source-han-serif-tw-fonts2.002-2Adobe Source Han Serif Subset OTF - Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) OpenType/CFF fonts2024-02-13
anyextraadobe-source-sans-fonts3.052-1Sans-serif font family for user interface environments2023-04-04
anyextraadobe-source-serif-fonts4.005-1Serif typeface designed to complement Source Sans2023-01-21
x86_64extraadrdox2.5.4-1Documentation generator for D2023-08-01
x86_64extraadriconf2.7.2-1GUI tool to configure Mesa drivers by setting options and writing them to the standard drirc file2024-06-08
anyextraadwaita-cursors46.2-1GNOME standard cursors2024-05-28
anyextraadwaita-icon-theme46.2-1GNOME standard icons2024-05-28
anyextraadwaita-icon-theme-legacy46.2-1GNOME fallback icons for legacy apps2024-05-28
x86_64extraaegisub3.3.3-8A general-purpose subtitle editor with ASS/SSA support2024-05-09
x86_64extraaeolus0.10.4-2Synthesised pipe organ emulator2023-03-18
x86_64extraaerc0.17.0-1Email Client for your Terminal2024-04-07
anyextraafew3.0.1-7Initial tagging script for notmuch mail2024-04-06
x86_64extraafl++4.20c-1instrumentation-driven fuzzer for binary format2024-05-11
anyextraafl-utils1.35a-3Utilities for automated crash sample processing/analysis, easy afl-fuzz job management and corpus optimization2024-04-04
x86_64extraafpfs-ng0.8.2-3A client for the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP)2023-02-27
x86_64extraagda2.6.4-33A dependently typed functional programming language and proof assistant2024-06-12
x86_64extraagda-stdlib1.7.3-1Agda standard libraries2023-11-24
x86_64extraage1.2.0-1A simple, modern and secure file encryption tool2024-06-17
x86_64extraage-plugin-tkey0.0.5-1Tillitis TKey plugin for age2024-06-17
x86_64extraage-plugin-tpm0.2.0-3TPM plugin for age2023-12-18
x86_64extraage-plugin-yubikey0.4.0-3Yubikey plugin for age2024-01-26
anyextraagordejo0.4.2-1A music production session manager2022-10-13
x86_64extraaha0.5.1-2Ansi HTML Adapter: convert ANSI escape sequences to HTML2022-05-20
x86_64extraaida-x1.1.0-1An Amp Model Player leveraging AI2024-02-01
x86_64extraaida-x-clap1.1.0-1An Amp Model Player leveraging AI - CLAP plugin2024-02-01
x86_64extraaida-x-lv21.1.0-1An Amp Model Player leveraging AI - LV2 plugin2024-02-01
x86_64extraaida-x-standalone1.1.0-1An Amp Model Player leveraging AI - standalone2024-02-01
x86_64extraaida-x-vst1.1.0-1An Amp Model Player leveraging AI - VST plugin2024-02-01
x86_64extraaida-x-vst31.1.0-1An Amp Model Player leveraging AI - VST3 plugin2024-02-01
x86_64extraaiksaurus1.2.1-9A cross-platform, open-source thesaurus2022-07-30
x86_64extraaircrack-ng1.7-4Key cracker for the 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK protocols2024-04-07
x86_64extraairspy1.0.10-1Host code for Airspy SDR.2021-05-29
x86_64extraaisleriot3.22.30-1A collection of patience games written in guile scheme2023-12-07
x86_64extraaj-snapshot0.9.9-2Command line utility to store/restore ALSA and/or JACK connections to/from an XML file2020-07-07
x86_64extraakonadi24.05.1-1PIM layer, which provides an asynchronous API to access all kind of PIM data2024-06-11

14225 matching packages found. Page 1 of 143.

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